Retailer SKU Lookups at Scale

Get standardized product feeds from top retailers instantly.

Access complete retailer product catalogs from a single source without having to manage multiple retailer feeds. You can lookup specific retailer SKUs or choose to get all SKU records from one particular retailer.


Bulk lookup SKUs and ASINs

Use retailer SKUs (eg. ASINs) to retrieve up-to-date product data to build your inventory. Get product attributes like current price, historical prices, images, description and corresponding UPCs or GTINs.


Pull product catalogs by retailer

Retrieve up-to-date product data to build your inventory or get category-based data from all major retailers.


Retrieve live pricing and availability data

Fetch real-time price and availability data from retailers using UPC lookups or URL lookups. Or select the products and sellers you’re interested in and we’ll notify you whenever prices change.


Update your catalog with ease

Refresh product prices and availability status programmatically with APIs designed for ease of integration and data at scale.

How to get setup

Use the UPC API to lookup product based on SKUs or use the Sites API to fetch products from a specific retailer. With Raw data type, product fields will be standardized throughout a single site.

To get normalized data with products and prices matched across retailers, leverage our Match&Merged data type.

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