AI-powered Product Classification & Taxonomy

Deliver a better search experience by using deep learning to categorize millions of products quickly and accurately.

Accurate tagging for all your products based on a standardized product taxonomy is vital so that your customers can find and purchase what they’re looking for. Use our proprietary technology to get an edge over your competitors.


Get a competitive edge via AI-powered technology

Semantics3’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology uses inputs like title, images, description, and UPCs to categorize and map products to the Semantics3 Master Category Taxonomy much faster than a manual team could.


Achieve better-than-human accuracy

Our API delivers better-than-human accuracy when benchmarked against human-curated training datasets. The Categorization API offers a highly scalable and affordable solution compared to current alternatives.

How to get setup

The Categorization API is only available via customized endpoints. Set up a call with our taxonomy specialists to discuss your use case. After an initial consultation, we work with you to classify and categorize a sample dataset.

If you’re satisfied with the results, our deployment strategists work closely with you to design a complete technical solution using our AI-based APIs

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