Rich Data for Product Catalog Enrichment

Enrich, update or expand your product catalog in seconds.

Whether you are an ecommerce store owner looking to significantly grow your product catalog or a brick-and-mortar retailer looking to enrich your catalog with additional product attributes, our Product Catalog Management (PCM) solution can help. Our API-driven PCM solutions let you add product attributes to your existing catalog and improve your product categorization.


Query aggregated data from multiple retailers

Get data collected and combined from multiple retailers and in multiple formats to form a single authoritative source.


Integrate with existing systems

Semantics3’s API-based product data solution effortlessly integrates with existing product databases or catalog management systems - PCM, PIM and MDM.


Improve catalog data quality

Develop a consistent and reliable catalog by normalizing inconsistent fields and rectifying problematic data.


Standardize & normalize data

Deploy our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to standardize and normalize product features and attributes.

How to get setup

Set up a call with our solutions specialist. After a brief consultation, we’ll perform an initial data evaluation on a sample.

After the evaluation, our technical leads work closely with your team to design a rapidly deployable API-based solution.

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