Catalog Management for ERP & Procurement Systems

Modernize procurement with advanced ecommerce product data solutions.

Enhance your procurement system by connecting to the world’s most extensive product database.

Our REST-based API solution supports easy integration into most ERP and e-procurement platforms. You will be able to pull product data from multitudes of brands, manufacturers, and retailers. If you prefer formatted datasets over API access, no sweat - our Datascience-as-a-Service teams are just a phone call away.


Get standarized product data

Semantics3’s Match&Merged data requests return fully structured and standardized product attributes, allowing your platform to quickly access product and pricing data in easy-to-implement workflows.

Match&Merged data APIs accept a variety of inputs including UPCs, barcodes, GTINs, keywords and URLs.


Map catalog to various tariff codes

Products are automatically assigned a category from the Master Category Taxonomy, which can subsequently be re-mapped to HS codes, UNSPSC classification system or specific GL codes. This makes integration into ERP systems easier and provides higher visibility into the procurement process.

How to get setup

Sign-up for free trial access then book a demo with our deployment strategists who will recommend a mix of APIs befitting your procurement catalog management platform’s product data needs.

Next, test out our APIs and chat with our customer success team for assistance in the integration process. After that, build and launch your solution to your user base.

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