Quality Data for PIM & MDM systems

Improve your product information management (PIM) systems by enhancing product attributes.

Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) systems are powerless if they lack quality product data. Our APIs instantly fill the gaps with rich standardized product attributes to enhance your existing catalog data.


Enrich product data

Keep PIM systems updated and normalized for internal teams and external distribution channels with our product data.

Comprehensive product data can consist of thousands of attributes and hundreds of category-links. Get comprehensive access via our APIs


Reference a single source of truth

Semantics3’s product database can give you a single version of truth across all touchpoints.

Our APIs return consolidated and centralized product data giving you a single result based on merged data.

How to get setup

There are two ways to leverage our solution. Either connect to our plug & play APIs and access quality product data or let our Datascience-as-a-Service (DaaS) team do it for you.

Product Data Via APIs

Use our Match&Merged APIs (UPC, search for keyword, or URL-based lookups) to fetch product data. Then, transform the returned JSON data to a format suitable for your system.


If you’re not familiar with our APIs, no problem. Our DaaS team works with you to match your data to our Master Database and return fully enriched and matched product data.

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