Effective MAP Monitoring

Protect your brand with instant notifications and screenshot evidence of MAP violations.

Monitor the minimum advertised prices of products across all retailers and get alerted in case of excessive discounting. As a manufacturer, you want resellers to maintain MAP compliance. As a retailer, you want competitors to play fair. Our MAP compliance solution can ensure both.


Enable real-time price monitoring

Implement automated real-time monitoring for your products. Receive notifications when prices fall below MAP.


Collect evidence of violations

Get screenshots of MAP violations as proof to take action against unauthorized or non-complying merchants.


Get coverage for all retailers

Monitor your products across all top retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sears, Best Buy and many more.

How to get setup

Use our Notifications API to create price change triggers that keep you up-to-date on products you’d like to track.

Set up customizable triggers to get screenshots of the retailer’s webpage, along with the recorded price and page URL.

Add on our RealTime API to retrieve pricing and availability on-demand from any major retailer.

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