In-depth Data for Price Research & Optimization

Get an edge over competitors using the world’s most comprehensive price database.

A good product pricing and repricing strategy is fundamental to beating your retail competition. Use our solutions to get competitor price intelligence and historical product pricing, in order to price your inventory with razor precision and win the buy box. Compare prices by retailer, category, and brand. Exploit over-priced and out-of-stock competitors to maximize both conversions and margins.


Get real-time prices

Get live pricing data with our RealTime APIs. Don’t rely on out-of-date pricing data. Our RealTime APIs fetch product and pricing data directly from retailers with URL-based queries.


Monitor competitor prices

Get notified of price changes when they happen. Track any retailer SKU across our database of retailers. Register any SKU for price change push notifications and get daily price change notices.

How to get setup

Sign-up for our free trial. Then, book a demo with our deployment strategists who will recommend a mix of APIs that can meet your retail pricing strategy needs.

Next, test out our APIs and chat with our customer success team. Finally, build your solution and start beating the competition.

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