CPG / FMCG Brand Reporting

Get historical and real-time product data for the top online retailers.

Fetch and analyze product and pricing data by brand for trend predictions, price movement analysis and industry reports designed exclusively for investment professionals. Discover price history, reviews and ratings for millions of products.


Augmented financial analysis

Accessing aggregate product data helps you anticipate company and industry performance. Our product and pricing data is an essential input for financial analysts, hedge fund managers, and investment funds whose decisions cover a wide range of retail sectors.


Cross-channel coverage

Use our Match&Merged data APIs to analyze brand sales channel coverage and performance, or work with our Datascience-as-a-Service (DaaS) team to create custom data reports based on your investment research hypotheses. Read our report on measuring FMCG brand performance.

How to get setup

Book a call with our data consultants to discuss your current data needs and hypotheses. Our deployment strategists will help architect a mix of APIs to help you pull the data you need for your CPG and FMCG trend reports.

Then, get trial access to our APIs and dashboards to test out our data and validate your investment theories. If you don’t want to or can’t do it yourself, let our DaaS service do it for you.

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