Barcode & UPC Lookup Database

Get unparalleled coverage with the world’s most comprehensive UPC and barcode database.

Look up any product using unique identifiers like UPC, ASIN, GTIN or EAN codes. Receive clean, structured and normalized product metadata including images and offer prices across multiple online retailers.


Get unparalleled data coverage

Get updated, fresh and rich metadata from multiple sources instead of relying on outdated databases or product feeds from brands or manufacturers.


Implement barcode solutions painlessly

Connect instantly to an easy-to-access barcode lookup API that can seamlessly integrate into a variety of barcode softwares and SDKs.


Fill in the gaps

Retrieve mandated identifiers like GTINs or UPCs in order to list and sell on shopping platforms (Google Shopping) and ecommerce marketplaces (Amazon, Walmart and eBay).


Calculate shipping instantly

Lookup price and category for products with a simple UPC scan to better calculate shipping costs.

How to get setup

Semantics3 UPC API connects to the world’s largest database of UPCs, GTINs and barcodes.

Lookup UPCs to enrich your product metadata with fields such as titles, brands, images, features, price offers and more.

Or, use our Search API to look up products by name, brand, or category to discover missing identifiers.

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