Live Affiliate Data Feeds

Speed up content creation with standardized data feeds from multiple retailers.

Significantly shorten your content creation time by looking up product attributes for millions of products across all top retailers. Get fresh data, standardized across multiple retailers. Use our APIs to create Amazon product feeds, Google Shopping product feeds and much more.


Build custom feeds

Affiliate publishers can customize, pull and load product feeds from the Semantics3 Product APIs, using URLs, UPCs, retailer site names, SKUs, keywords and more.


Query standardized data

Unparalleled data quality, with fully structured and standardized product attributes via our Match&Merged data APIs.


Get real-time prices

Live price updates available via our RealTime data APIs along with price change alerts via Notification APIs.


Fetch data from any retailer

Our Expanded RealTime URL Lookup API can fetch data from any retailer online, even the smaller ones that are not indexed by us yet.

How to get setup

Sign-up for a risk-free trial to explore the data.

Then, book a consultation with a deployment strategist to help craft a packaged API solution tailored to your unique business needs.

Finally, test-drive the data with our risk-free trial.

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