Data Sharing & Research Initiative

For Journalists and Analysts

About the initiative

Semantics3's core business involves gathering massive amounts of data from the public web, and building algorithms to make sense of them. The primary purpose of this is to help our customers solve their business needs.

A happy side effect of this, though, is that these datasets often reveal stories that are of broad interest to a wider audience. This initiative is all about exploring these stories and delivering them to a wider audience.

Oh, and we do all of this for free! All we ask is that if you use our work, cite us in your publications.

How we operate

Datasets on Offer

We've built up a lot of datasets over 8 years of our operations. We're happy to share these for the purpose of research.

Analytics on Demand

We have a small team dedicated just to analyze this data. We'll work as your research team to find answers to questions that you may have.

Guest Posts

We write articles based on our analysis, which we're open to publishing on any relevant medium.

Sample work


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