What is a HS/HTS code search API?

As an importer or exporter, it is your legal responsibility to use HS/HTS codes as correct classification of your goods. An HS/HTS code search API helps you do just that.

Tariff classification can be quite tricky, and relying solely on human intelligence may not be a great idea. An HS/HTS code search API is a search engine that helps you determine the harmonized system (HS) code of the products you are interested in.

These search tools rely on cutting edge artificial intelligence technologies to help classify the products at scale. So, you get accurate results in no time without having to consult third parties such as custom brokers.

To get correct tariff classification for your product, you just need to enter the product details with as must precision as possible. It may allow you to enter product name, brands, or even barcodes. The program will look up the database based on the given input and generate HS/HTS codes for your product.

An HS/HTS code search API is particularly useful for importers and exporters that deal in a number of products and trade with numerous countries. In such cases, tariff classification can become painstakingly complex. Search APIs can make things a lot easier for such importers and exporters by helping them classify their goods at scale right up to the unique country id.

You can use the Semantics3 HS Code classification API to auto classify your product and find out a HS code. Sign Up Here.