How do I find an HS/HTS code?

As an importer, you are responsible for ensuring that all your products are correctly classified. A correct HTS code can help you determine the customs duties you will need to pay for importing a particular product.

Your supplier will likely provide you with the HTS or HS code. However, in case you cannot find the code of your product, there are various online sources you can look up.

Here is an illustration. Suppose you are looking to import oats and you need to know the HTS code, HS code and an estimate of the duties you will have to pay.

To find the HTS code of your product, you can use this HTS search tool

All you need to do is enter oats in the search bar, and you will get the following results

Based on the type of Oats you are importing, i.e. seed or other, you can choose the appropriate HTS code. So, for oats seed the HTS code will be 1004.10.00.00

Alternatively you can use the Semantics3HS Code classification API to auto classify your product and find out a HS code. Sign Up Here.