Product Data APIs

Product Data APIs for easy access to the world’s largest ecommerce product database.


Lookup any barcode or UPC instantly to get product & pricing data.

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Ecommerce data returned via UPC API is composed of curated and merged data across multiple retailers. API responses contain both the static fields, i.e., product, brand and color, and site-specific fields, i.e., price, purchase URL and availability.

The Expanded UPC Lookup functionality is an added feature which can do a real-time lookup for a UPC if it is not available in our database.

Crawl API

Get structured product data from any retailer with URL based inputs.

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Query product URLs, including affiliate links, to access consolidated Match&Merged data such as pricing, availability, and product details. You can also access raw unprocessed data from any active URL or retrieve real-time data as present at the request time.

Retailer Feeds API

Get structured product & pricing data directly from retailers.

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Retrieve structured product catalogs from any ecommerce retailer or get raw unprocessed data from retailer websites. Easily integrate with your in-house inventory or content management systems.

Keyword API

Fetch structured product and pricing data based on naive keyword lookups.

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A product lookup tool to fetch structured product and pricing metadata using simple keywords. Our Keywords API returns product records that contain specific keywords in their name, description or feature fields and sorts based on ProductRank and availability.

Price Monitoring API

Cover the whole spectrum of pricing trends.

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Monitor, track and view price data for SKUs in a temporal setting. Price-offer histories are tracked and can be queried for all products in our database. Also view real-time prices and monitor future price changes via push notifications.

Historic: Price offer histories for products.

Present: RealTime price monitoring.

Future: Push notifications for price changes.

Enterprise APIs

Fully customised API endpoints

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A fully customized API modified to your unique tech specs and use case.

The Data

Fresh. Fast. Flexible. Product data, on tap.


Structured unmodified data, straight from the source.

Unmodified data returned exactly as found at the source. You can use it as-is or apply your own modifications. Example, Product X sold on two websites, website A (with SKU XA) and website B (with SKU XB) would return two results for Raw data type, one for SKU XA and one for SKU XB.


Consolidated data from multiple ecommerce sources.

Match&Merged data is derived from mapping products across multiple retailers. This data type returns curated and merged data from the various sources. For example, a Product X sold on two websites, website A (with SKU XA) and website B (with SKU XB) would return a single result for Match&Merged data type.


Live pricing and availability data. As fresh as it gets.

Structured price and availability data delivered in real-time to allow instant response to changing conditions and competitor actions. Upon request, RealTime deploys live data extractors to fetch the data most crucial to you.

The Data



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