Product Console

Real-time dashboards for price tracking and trends from online marketplaces

Product Catalog

One of the most unique product information management (PIM) solutions around – we pre-fill your catalog with information on all your products available on the web. That means getting a usable PIM system in a matter of minutes rather than months. Log In to see and share your pre-filled product catalog now.

Price Monitoring

Monitor the prices of your products (or those of your competitors) across online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. This feature is available with your products pre-filled immediately upon sign up and is customizable. Our information is available both as a Dashboard and as a Daily Report. Set yours up now.

Market Share

Brands no longer have to wait months and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to know their market share - they can stay informed in real-time! We use online signals to calculate market share for any brand instantly.

A real-time Market Share Dashboard, for a fraction of the cost of Nielsen or IRD. Check out how your brand is doing right now.

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