Expand product catalog instantly, without compromising on quality.

Give customers the information they need to make a decision.

Used by the world’s leading enterprises

Convert more

Beautiful product pages mean higher conversions. Add product feature to provide users with a better shopping experience.

Sell more

Eliminate the manual work of catalog expansion with our universal product catalog. Instantly scale up to millions of products.

Get an edge

Use AI-driven solutions to increase depth and accuracy of product classification faster than other sites can.

Painlessly onboard new sellers by auto-importing their SKUs

The easier it is to create listings on a marketplace, the faster it will grow. License entire categories of products with customized levels of content depth, delivered via the cloud. Or bring onboard new sellers by using Semantics3’s Universal Catalog to pull product metadata via simple SKU Lookups.

Scale catalog by millions, without having to build anything

Creating a catalog from scratch requires time, engineering resources and constant maintenance. Or you could instantly create a vast catalog using structured product data from Semantics3's Universal Product catalog.

Categorize with better than human accuracy

Product categorization is a science. And now you can automate that science with AI-powered categorization solutions. With better than human accuracy, AI-categorization is not just easily scalable but also improves data quality.

Enhance existing catalog with additional product information

The more information a customer has the more likely they are to convert. Provide a feature-rich product display page (PDP) to users with enhanced product attributes from Semantics3’s Universal Product catalog. Remove duplicate listings and improve the quality of your datasets.

What to know in Ecommerce?

Ecommerce marketplaces have a product content problem, and its killing them.

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. At the point of writing, there are approximately 40–50 ecommerce marketplaces available online, globally. And there’s more coming online every year. Marketplaces are raising more money than ever too, led by the big daddy of VCs, Softbank. And yet for all the money flowing into marketplaces, many of them are struggling more than ever. Read more

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