AI-powered solutions for HTS codes, dangerous goods, and restricted goods.

Millions of products classified, quickly and efficiently.

Used by the world’s leading enterprises

Faster Tariff Classification

More goods processed means more revenue made. Employees and customs brokers can process goods faster.

Increased Accuracy, Immediate Savings

Costs of tariff compliance errors run into billions of dollars globally. Better classification means instant savings.

Real-Time Use Cases

Our AI tools can make decisions in milliseconds. Use this to build product experiences that require instantaneous classification or identification.

Enrich messy inputs for better tariff classification

Our Universal Product Catalog and real-time crawlers can take your messy listings and generate high-quality product information and attributes.

Classify with humans in the loop

We offer end-to-end classification services at a fraction of the cost of traditional manual options. We can do this because our AI systems are built to help our human experts only focus on the most challenging decisions.
Over time, our AI gets better by learning from the decisions made by our human experts.

Surface dangerous and/or restricted goods

Flag dangerous, or even restricted goods, using our AI systems. This can help ensure that you face no issues downstream of your supply chain.

Estimate weight and price for real-time calculations

Estimate the weight and price of products, given just their metadata. This can help you get a real-time estimate of what the cost of shipping a product across borders is likely to be.

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Build solutions, not infrastructure.

Build systems that are resilient to customs changes.