Millions of products categorized, quickly and efficiently.

Use AI-powered solutions to categorize huge volumes of products with better-than-human accuracy.

Used by the world’s leading enterprises

Grow Revenue

More goods processed means more revenue made. Employees and customs brokers can process goods faster.

Increased accuracy, immediate savings

Costs of tariff compliance errors run into billions of dollars globally. Better classification means instant savings.

Scale easily

Use AI solutions to power online customs declaration forms. The system suggests HS codes based on product info.

Get the product attributes for better tariff classification

Use our Search API to look up product descriptions and attributes from our Universal Product Catalog. You can then use this product data to classify and apply an HS code using your own categorization processes.

Categorize with better than human accuracy

Product categorization is a science. And now you can automate that science using our Universal Product Catalog coupled with our AI-powered Categorization API. With better than human accuracy, AI-categorization is not just easily scalable but also improves over time.

What to know in Ecommerce?

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It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. At the point of writing, there are approximately 40–50 ecommerce marketplaces available online, globally. And there’s more coming online every year. Marketplaces are raising more money than ever too, led by the big daddy of VCs, Softbank. And yet for all the money flowing into marketplaces, many of them are struggling more than ever. Read more

Build solutions, not infrastructure.

Build systems that are resilient to customs changes.