Work hard or work smart. With Semantics3, do both. Our sector-specific solutions empower businesses with the intelligence, insight, and capabilities to do ecommerce better.


Ecommerce is extremely competitive. Maintaining an upper-hand with product data can be a daunting task for retailers. A major part of that is ensuring your product and pricing data is as accurate as it can be. Let Semantics3 help you stay organized, up to date, and make better decisions with our product data solutions.


Semantics3’s Ecommerce and GTIN/UPC/Barcode Solutions offer access to rich product and price data, while our Product Taxonomy solutions are perfectly suited for efficiently managing inventory and product catalogs. Datascience-as-a-Service takes a custom approach to your unique needs and creates what you need in large scale.

Brands & Manufacturers

Protect the integrity of your brand. Brands and manufacturers rely on their products to build and maintain their reputation.

However, once a brand’s products hit the marketplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor where the products are being sold and the way the they are marketed and priced.


Our expertise in ecommerce product data has helped us develop brand and manufacturer specific solutions for complex problems, such as Product Inventory Management (MAP) Compliance for enforced retailer and distributor management, GTIN Solutions for product enrichment, and Research and Analysis to gain competitive industry insight.

Data-driven Decision Making

Ambiguity can cost thousands or millions. Smart data-driven decisions is the answer. Accurate and reliable ecommerce product data is difficult to acquire and analyze. Semantics3 provides the crucial data necessary to inform your next profitable decision.


Knowledge is power. With competitive price intelligence, product tracking, and historical data, master the ecommerce industry to optimize decisions and boost returns. Semantics3’s Research and Analysis, and DaaS solutions deliver retailer-specific and cross-retailer insight for price histories, price comparison, and product catalog changes over time.

International Ecommerce

Today’s consumers are increasingly global, with more middle-class consumers becoming interested in shopping online, especially from reputable online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target - even if they are not in the US. This new trend of cross-border ecommerce is now known as International ecommerce.


Semantics3 drives International ecommerce with data solutions backed by our extensive ecommerce product database, which informs international import duty and tariff calculations. Other solutions include our suite of product data APIs that allow users to search and lookup products using a variety of inputs.

Product Inventory Management

In the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce, content is king. Access to rich product metadata to build comprehensive product pages enables marketplace sellers and retailers to streamline and automate content for their product inventory. In this space, comprehensive, accurate and consistent product metadata can be the difference between exponential growth or lost revenue.


With our dynamic ecommerce product database, combined with our versatile APIs, Semantics3 ecommerce Solutions make it easy to get rich product content. We support a variety of inputs like UPCs/barcodes, SKU IDs, marketplace seller IDs, and URLs and provide data fields for all your needs, such as images, descriptions, product specifications and current offer prices.

Affiliate Ecommerce

The success of ecommerce start-ups, especially affiliates, relies upon creating compelling reasons for shoppers to choose them over the competition. Thus the need to create unique shopping experiences and smart product curation, driven by rich, easily accessible product data.


With Semantics3’s ecommerce solutions, affiliates gain access to partner catalogs, rich product metadata and RealTime pricing and availability. Products are matched, merged, and normalized for cross-retailer pricing and with convenient searches, such as URL and UPC, integration is a breeze.