Holiday Sales Dashboard, powered by Semantics3 & Slickdeals.

Announcing the 2017 Holiday Sales Dashboard, by Semantics3 & Slickdeals. Get the bird’s eye view to the best deals.

As holiday season approaches every year there is a question that keeps us up at night — what are the real discounts out there in the wild? Are the best deals getting enough limelight?

And what about the bigger picture — beyond individual deals and offers? Which retailer was the best to shop with this year? Was Thanksgiving a better day to shop than Cyber Monday for electronics?

So in honor of the holiday season, our crack team of engineers deployed Semantics3's massive crawling infrastructure to monitor discounts across categories, in real time. All the information, in one single place.

Presenting the Holiday Sales Dashboard 2017.

View aggregate stats up top and scroll down further to see category-wise lists’ of trending deals for Electronics, Clothing, Tools & Home Improvement, Beauty etc.

So how is this dashboard powered?

The 2017 Holiday Sales Dashboard is powered through our close collaboration with SlickDeals — a fantastic and highly trusted online community dedicated to sharing, rating, and reviewing deals and coupons.

Powered by Slickdeals feed as well as the Semantics3 Product and Price APIs, the Dashboard combines both the power of the Slickdeals community in discovering great deals as well as Semantics3’s industry-wide view of ecommerce trends.

Under the hood:

  • The stats are derived from tracking the prices of a set of products (10.5k at last count) in short intervals of time.
  • Deals are sourced from by discovering new deals from the website every few hours. Deals from a few retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, are also tracked directly. The dashboard pertains to online deals only.
  • A product is considered discounted only when its offer price (as seen on the retailer website) is lower than the list price (as reported by the retailer).
Catch discounts as they happen, in realtime.

Holiday Sales Dashboard 2017, powered by Semantics3 & Slickdeals.