Using a version control system is almost always a good idea, and at Semantics3, git has proven to a life-saver many times over. Given our service oriented architecture (coming soon to a browser near you), and our per-seat pricing on GitHub, our trigger-happy developers have ballooned our repository count. With collaboration at an all-time high and each dev handling multiple repos, it becomes difficult to keep a handle on the current status of our repositories.

Good ol’ ls only gives limited information and is not particularly git-aware.


So, enter our handy script git-multi-status. The small script searches through folders, runs a few git commands to update your repositories and reports on their status.


It is of-course a very simple script which looks for .git folders and afew particular keywords that turn up when running git status. But this simplicity is part of what we like in its operation - the labels Untracked, Modified, Staged, Unpushed, Unmerged and Up-to-date provide just enough information to be processed at a glance.

Some notes:

  • The script is based on a gist by jcordasc.
  • BSD / OS X users might experience difficulties because the find command in this script was written for use with GNU find