Meet Simon

Telling it like it is

This year has been quite a revelation, a journey of great progress for Artificial Intelligence.

All of our customers have been asking me:

Do you guys use Deep Learning?

A constant, nagging question ever since AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol, ever since Twitter turn Tay.AI into a Nazi bot — it’s literally the deepest, hottest topic of 2016.

Yes. 2016

Look, tech is like teenage fashion. Its proceeds in cycles, kinda like how Full House is like, a thing again.

In 2014, it was “Hey Varun, do you guys do docker?”

In 2015, it was “Hey Varun, do you guys do React?”

So it is with Deep Learning this year.

But, you know what, Deep Learning is So 2015

So, I’d now like to categorically, canonically, and deeply answer this question once and for all:

Semantics3, is now a Deep Learning Company

Actually, we’ve always been a deep learning company. We started off as a deep perl script (literally and figuratively deep — running in the thousands of lines, being neck-deep (pardon the pun) in global variables).

When most folks were only do crawling, we’ve been doing deep crawling.
When most folks were only doing categorization, we were doing Deep Categorization.
When business folk were doing watered down customer service, we were killing it at Deep Customer Success

So much so that:

The Crawling team as of now is now christened the Deep Crawling team.Hari, our head of business is now Head of Deep business
Calvin, is now our Deep Business Development Manager
Our chief architect, Srinivas, is now Chief Deep Architect.

So today, I am announcing a change in our business focus.

We’ve secretly been building our own Deep Neural Network AI Bot powered using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, to take on Watson, Siri, Alexa, Google Now, and of course the deeply crazy — Tay.

Say hello to SIMON!

I am very happy to announce Simon this 1st of April 2016. Our deepest creation since 2048–as-a-service two years ago.

Simply ask Simon whatever it is that you’d like to buy — and he’ll talk back (if he’s in the mood, that is)


Lovingly built in San Francisco using the Semantics3 API coupled with a Deep Convolutional Neural Network sitting somewhere, by Sivamani Varun and all the rockstars, ninjas, and pirates at Semantics3.