When we first launched last year, our mission was to organize the world’s e-commerce data. We wanted to be the place to go to when you needed a centralized database of everything that’s sold online.

A place where product data is independently collected, curated and updated.

This is important because you want data that is objectively collected and updated, without the influence of Big Retail. You want a database where you can independently verify the cheapest prices, or pull obscure data without having to search millions of webpages and retailers.

Today, we have built the world’s largest database of unique products, with over 70 million products that collectively construe over 10 billion price offers by every imaginable online retailer.

That’s massive scale, depth and coverage — all available to you through a convenient API.

You probably read about how much sweat, blood and fun we put into our data (and thank you if you’ve read our past blogs on how we curate our data)

Today’s retailers are playing a hard-to-win game with regard to pricing. Retail pricing is as volatile as stock markets, with prices changing by the minute. A database’s utility is only as good as the freshness of its data.

This is why over the last 6 months, we have been pouring resources into upgrading our indexing and price update capabilities. To help you fight back.

Today we’re launching 2 brand new APIs: The Push and Pull APIs.

Pull APIs
You’re pretty familiar with the Pull API — it was our flagship Product API where you can pull product data on demand, and pipe it into your application or database. You’ve used it in your applications before.

With this launch, we’ve made it even more responsive and reliable. Countless new retailers, more frequent updates and faster discovery of newly launched products.

We've even made it more convenient to access data from a particular site via the newly introduced /skus endpoint. With this API, you can now get raw structured data on a retailer level, as we extract it from their site. No more spending tonnes of cash on building your own scrapers!

Push APIs
You don’t want to have your programs ping us every time you are checking if a product was updated. That’s a waste of API calls, and you’re always playing a guessing game with retailers. It can be a frustrating experience to try to time your product updates with the pricing game that retailers play.

So we thought, why don’t we tell you when something changes? Now, this beauty allows you to bookmark or register any product in our database, regardless of the retailer. When we detect a change (and we refresh our data constantly, sometimes up to once every 24 hours), we will PUSH that change to your database. This should make things interesting!

So you can rest easy, knowing that you can always find the product you are looking for. And your applications and database always have the freshest pricing data.

For a taste of what an application using the Push API looks like, check out our Zapier app below:

Check out the documentation here

If you’re thinking about upgrading, this is probably the best time.

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