Bits of retail news, sifted through to find the most important ones.

Elliot Stokes

Amazon beats expectations in Q1, but not via retail

Amazon stocks are at a record high and expected to breach the $1000 per share mark soon. What is interesting to note though is that profits from A.W.S. represented 56 percent of Amazon’s total operating income, even though A.W.S. amounted to less than 9 percent of total revenue. So while Amazon is not doing fabulously in retail, this means it has extra cash to play even more aggressively.

Amazon's Cloud Business Lifts Its Profit to a Record
Revenue at the company rose to $29.13 billion from $22.72 billion a year ago. Amazon's share price jumped more than 12…

Consolidate or crumble

2017 will be a year that will be looked back as the turning point for retail. LVMH is buying Christian Dior Couture for $13 billion. PetSmart is acquiring for $3.35 billion. You either beg, borrow or acquire to consolidate your position. Or you crumble. So get consolidating people.

LVMH Takes Control of Christian Dior in $13 Billion Deal
Christian Dior artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri at the label's Autumn/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear show | Getty By…

Wal-Mart is very serious about diversifying

A lot of companies are taking advantage of Chinese’s governments lax rules towards ecommerce (relatively speaking). Asda, a British supermarket chain under Wal-Mart, is the latest in the fray. Asda will be selling groceries and FMCG good which have historically been a coveted product for Chinese consumers.

Wal-Mart's Asda starts selling groceries online in China
In the past serval years, thousands of international brands and retailer have started to sell to Chinese consumers via…

AI helps us to (finally) catch up with fraudsters

Fraud prevention has till now relied heavily on rule-based screening coupled with manual checking processes that are expensive, time-consuming and often ineffective. Machine learning, which allows computers to train themselves and detect patterns without human input, is now being heavily used by payment companies like Stripe and Mastercard.

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Written by Anjali Krishnan and the Semantics3 team in Singapore and San Francisco.