Grand week in a Grand Canal?

Bits of retail news, sifted through to find the most important ones.

Amazon had a ‘grand’ week

Amazon shares touched $1000 for the first time on Tuesday and many claim the company is still undervalued. They also opened the first of many Amazon bookstores to very mixed reviews — there were the outraged purists who judged before the store opened and then there were cautious optimists who found the store ordinary but assume Amazon will make it work.

Amazon Shares Hit $1,000, Showing E-Commerce, Cloud Prowess Inc. 's shares rose briefly just above $1,000 for the first time Tuesday, marking a new milestone for a…

No news is good news now: Best Buy avoids retail apocalypse

How times have changed now that a store not closing is reported as good news. Best Buy’s quarterly sales climbed 1.6% overturning analyst forecasts that expected a 1.5% contraction. As most media outlets reported, it has avoided the ‘retail apocalypse’ and is currently being described as ‘an enjoyable place to shop’. Wonder what the reviews would have said in case they had reported lower sales.

Best Buy sidesteps retail apocalypse, surges on earnings beat - Business Insider
Best Buy 's stock climbed 11% to $56.08 a share after the company reported first-quarter same-store sales that beat…

Supply chain roundup

Unilever, McDonald’s and Inditex (of Zara fame) came out on top of Gartner’s annual Top 25 Supply Chain company rankings. Amazon joined P&G and Apple in the ‘Masters’ category for sustained leadership and performance in supply chain for the past decade. According to Gartner

“Consumer product giant P&G continues to innovate through digital automation of workflows, and the use of algorithm-driven tools to reduce exceptions and enable end-to-end planning.”

As retail moves online, logistics will only become more vital. The companies that aren’t turning up in this list should probably start trying very hard to be there next year.

Unilever, McDonald's top Gartner's 2017 supply chain rankings
Unilever has retained top ranking in Gartner's annual Top 25 Supply Chain company rankings, the research and advisory…

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