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Stuff corporate dreams are made of — Automated trade regulations:

International regulations are complex, confusing and ever-changing. So if there is a magic (read:automated) solution — you grab it. Which is what Adidas China did with Amber Road’s China Trade Management (CTM) solution. It’ll be worthwhile to keep an ear out for how it goes for them.

Adidas China To Automate Trade Operations using Amber Road
Conducting international trade within China can be difficult and complex. China needed an automated solution to help…

Amazon continues gobbling things

Amazon shut down Quidsi (company behind earlier this week, in what some analysts allege was ‘always the plan’.

Amazon to close unprofitable Quidsi, parent of
March 30 (UPI) -- Amazon said it is shutting down unprofitable Quidsi, which included and, after…

Move over Paypal

People who don’t want to or can’t use bank account or credit cards now have an option of using Amazon Cash — Amazon’s no fees pre paid credit card. 
While this service is going to be pretty useful to the estimated 9 million American who are unbanked one can’t help but wonder whether this is simply a pilot test before launching in India.

New Amazon Cash service poised to disrupt Wal-Mart, PayPal
Amazon on Monday announced a new service catering to people who can't or choose not to use credit cards or bank…

Chatbots aren’t our best friends. Yet.

Everyone said they’d be our best friends but apparently it’s not a good fit. And it’s quite the story of loneliness-while 60% of U.S. consumers would like to talk to a bot, only 22% actually have. Still one can hope, the day will come when chatbots will like us.

Study: Only 22% of consumers have engaged with a chatbot
More than 60% of U.S. consumers would feel comfortable talking with a chatbot, yet only 22% have engaged with a bot…

Cutlery king Wüsthof sharpens up its Minimum Advertised Pricing policy by cutting off offending sellers on Amazon

As brands increasingly double-down on their ecommerce presence, the problem of MAP compliance continue to plague manufacturers and hurt their brand image. But things are changing, with cutlery manufacturer Wüsthof cracking down on errant sellers to violate MAP.

Wüsthof stops unauthorized sellers of its cutlery on Amazon Marketplace
Unauthorized sellers on marketplaces pose an ongoing challenge for cutlery manufacturer Wüsthof-Trident of America Inc…

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