Rakuten PopShops is shutting down. Do you have an alternative?

Try Semantics3’s Affiliate Feeds Solution!

Anjali Krishnan    2 mins

Rakuten PopShops is shutting down. Do you have an alternative?

Try Semantics3’s Affiliate Feeds Solution!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

A big change is happening in the world of affiliate marketing. Rakuten PopShops has announced that it’s retiring its affiliate product feeds product service and APIs.

This is important, because if you were an app developer, fashion blogger or website publisher who relied on Popshop’s feed to power your affiliate product catalog — you would not have a solution in place by July 31st, 2018


How can I prepare for the retirement? We ask that you prepare to discontinue use of the Data Feed Download, Products API, Coupon/Deals API, Curate for PopShops product showcase and/or the ShopBuilder storefront tool; And remove any PopShops URLs from all desktop or mobile properties by 7:00PM ET, Friday, June 29th, 2018.

What will happen to my PopShops links or product tools? Once the feed services are retired, any new advertiser products added after June 29th, will NOT show up in query results or be available through product showcase tools. All PopShops URLs will redirect to a 404 Error Page or will not track commissions earned for referred sales.

Source: http://popshops.com/support/rpsretirement

Here’s what changes after July 31st:

It is a pity really because they were a great way to instantly create mini-storefronts within your website, and really monetize your blog, app, or website. With an extensive catalog featuring all major retailers including Walmart, Target and Sears, the PopShop was a handy tool to easily create customised store-fronts and earn affiliate revenue.

Here’s what you could use to replace PopShops

Semantics3’s product data APIs allow you access to structured product data via UPCs or URLs from all major retailers in the US.

Using our product database APIs you can easily pull real-time product information to embed in articles the way the team at Refinery29 did.

Our core business is in ensuring you get accurate, fresh product data via our suite of APIs including our Affiliate Feeds Solution

Published at: March 27, 2018

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