Attribution is a BIG deal. It’s the reason that digital advertising has always had a leg up on traditional media.

Traditional promotional spend has generally been tough to link to changes in market share. But no more.

With new online analytics and machine learning, much more is possible than ever before. We have made a breakthrough.

We can use online signals to calculate market share for any brand instantly and in real time. Tracking the impact of any single promotion is now possible.

And what better use than to determine if hiring Justin Timberlake is worth it.

Turns out, he is worth every penny!

This is unbelievable news for the Pepsi team. Some notes: Like all market intelligence companies, including Nielsen, IRI, and NPD, our market share is measured using market dynamics. What is different is our input data is digital - meaning we can collect signals with much more frequency.

Congrats to the Pepsi team and to JT! Question is: will the bump last? If Pepsi can maintain the momentum, that market share increase equates to $1.6 Billion in additional sales.

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In particular, Diet Pepsi cans (like the one Jimmy Fallon was holding while introducing JT) spiked even more than regular Pepsi. Find out more here!