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I am very excited to introduce our first engineering hire and fourth hacker to join our team, Srinivas Kidambi aka Kid!

Kid is a recent graduate from the National University of Singapore. He is a computational geometry expert, having done pretty much every CG course offered and did a really cool final year project on 2 dimensional alpha shapes. We unfortunately do not deal with polygons and convex hulls, but hey! Rockstar-ninja-pirate-cyborgs make shit happen!

Story Time

I got to know Kid really well during my final semester at NUS. Both of us ended up taking an advanced grad-level cryptography course where we invented a novel method of hash collision introductory Philosophy of Science course. Only God knows how both of us ended up taking that course.

We soon became pretty good friends. During the entire duration of the course we probably discussed ‘the interesting philosophical problems plaguing science’ for about 2 mins 27 seconds. Most of the time it was Kid talking endlessly about CGAL and CUDA. Pretty soon I got sick of them as much as philosophy of science itself. (Recap: At that time Semantics3 was still only in idea stage.)


To fight back and also not wanting to miss out on a good hacker, I took a leaf out of Inception and starting planting seeds in his mind, without him knowing itself. I got him addicted to data, structured data, unstructured data and semi-structured data and big data and small data… The Inception worked! After graduation, Kid rejected a couple of offers from big, badass companies to join us.

We expect great things from Kid!