We’re excited to announce our new feature — Reports. Sure it doesn’t sound earth shattering when an analytics tool releases a reporting feature but the key is in how extensive the reporting has become.

All the reports that you have to put together from various sources — revenue by month, or visitors by landing page, or product views over month, day & hour — are easily accessible.

A shortcut to literally all your reports.
It’s all in one place now.

The 4 Key features:

  1. Reports Tab: 16 reports that will give you a comprehensive picture of your revenue, customers, & products.
  2. Visitor Analysis: A new set of visitor-related data including referrers and visitor landing pages.
  3. Drill-down Reports (by Geography/Time): Ability to drill down reports by month/day/hour and by country/state/city
  4. Segments: Segments now embedded within the Customer and Product tabs providing you with a convenient way to explore your user directories and product catalogs by custom metrics.
Check out all customer trends broken down by month, day and even hour!

So instead of spending the end of the month scrambling and trying to get all your numbers together, now you can simply go to your Semantics3 Analytics Dashboard and pull it out in an instant.

Check out your new reporting dashboard. Or install the app if you don’t have it yet (we have a 7-day free trial).

Drop me a note if you have any questions. — Anjali