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The 4 features you need to touchdown on profits

Super Bowl season is now in full force.

So is e-commerce.

And like how every great football team needs a great assortment of players, a great e-commerce site needs a killer assortment of features.

In honor of America’s unofficial holiday, known as the Super Bowl, and its showcase of capitalism… I mean, its showcase of football’s finest, here are our thoughts on how to field a championship-caliber e-commerce shop:

Quarterback: Product Curation

It’s often said that the quarterback position is the most important position on the field. With that said, one of the most important features of an e-commerce site is product curation .

Your site basically needs to anticipate what customers want and help them find or discover what they’d probably like effectively. Some creative examples of what’s being done are recommendation engines and image recognition searches.

Wide Receivers: Product Selection

What’s a good quarterback to do without their selection of wide receivers to target?

The same can be said for an e-commerce store. Without a solid lineup of products, what good is Super Bowl-level product curation?

Be sure to get a wide selection of goods into your online shop, especially if you’re a traditional brick-and-mortar — otherwise your potential customers will be heading over to another site (i.e., Amazon.com). ;)

Running Back: Pricing

When you want to punch it in for the touchdown at the 1-yard line, you’re going to have to call a halfback dive (unless you’re Pete Carroll).

When you want to punch it in for the sale, you’re going to offer the best price possible. Make sure your pricing is competitive, because online shoppers will ultimately make purchases at the lowest prices they can find.

Offensive Line: Shopping Experience

Without good blocking, a quarterback won’t get time to throw to his wide receivers and the running back won’t find holes to run through. Without a good shopping experience, your product curation will struggle to get your customers to the products they want and pricing may not be able to salvage those lost opportunities. Set up your shop with rich product data & details, an easy checkout process, and a smooth user interface (or maybe no user interface at all).

There you have it. Our list of features that we believe can help to win at the e-commerce game.

And if you need help putting together this team of features for your site, just let us know. We offer rich product feeds, price comparison and clean, updated data.

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