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Last week I bought the final piece to complete my home theater system. A center speaker by Pioneer, and designed by the genius that is Andrew Jones.

The Pioneers are really fine speakers. The more I listen to them the more I like them. How the hell they made a speaker this good for such a low price is amazing (…)This Andrew Jones must really be a speaker designing genius. — W. Jackson

A very affordable sound system (it cost me less than a $1000 to complete the entire system), this particular set-up tends to go on sale pretty frequently.

Pretty sweet huh?

These particular speakers tend to change price almost daily — so it’s really important to time your purchase so you can get it at a great price.


Being the lazy sloth that I am, I decided to hack my way through, with the Semantics3 Push API. I set up an integration with IFTTT, specifically to post on my Facebook wall whenever the price of the speakers dropped, along with the product URL.

Pretty neat huh?

I chose the FB wall post because I tend to FB throughout the day, and having that post come up would be a great way to get my attention quickly.

It worked pretty well!

Luurve me some speakers

This got me thinking. What if you were a Ecommerce startup, looking to make your first big launch during the holiday shopping season?

Winning the sale is hard, especially if you’re competing against giants like Walmart and Amazon.

Last year, we spoke about the fact that Amazon was changing prices on an almost hourly basis. You’d probably have seen this during their recent “Prime Day”.

Maintaining fresh pricing is important.

But even more powerful is being able to a) get live prices, and b) notify your users of price drops when they occur.

Over the year or so, we’ve spoken about how Ecommerce start-ups are changing the way in which we shop. From curated shopping, to highly specific mobile applications, shopping isn’t just about getting the cheapest price, but being able to subtly incept shopping ideas in everyday life, from Facebook posts, to subtly executed push notifications.

But winning the sale is still crucial — which is why it makes sense for start-ups to leverage features like RealTime price APIs, price change Push Notifications and Expanded UPC Lookups.

Retailers have spent millions of dollars in developing these tools to give themselves the edge in dynamic pricing.

We’re in September, and very very close to Thanksgiving. If you haven’t built out anything yet, you still can! You don’t need to be left out of the party!

Don’t be the lame one at the party

So fill-up your nacho bowls, open another keg, tool up for football season, and get access to these APIs today!

You heard ‘em right!

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By Hari Viswanathan and the Semantics3 Team