Here’s the cheat code to still finding deals.

Find the best deals before Christmas.

Before that, let’s recap a bit.

Black Friday is done and dusted. We put together a playbook so that you could see which types of items to buy on Black Friday. Did you notice then that bags are artificially discounted? No?

Well, that’s okay.

There was Cyber Monday. This deals blaster would’ve let you know the instant prices drop on a product you want. You wielded that like a lightsaber and hunted down the best deals right? No…?


It’s okay. We will help you fish it back.

Find the best deals across ALL retailers & products this Christmas.

Check out the Semantics3 Christmas Dashboard.

The best part?

Jewelry for one is known to be much cheaper in the beginning of December than any other time of the year. Oh, and perfumes seem to be looking pretty attractive as well — check out ALL the best deals.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes the early bird loses out.

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