Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is over. It’s now time for Evaluation Tuesday, Summary Wednesday and Reporting of Sales Figures Thursday.

At Semantics3, we work with thousands of e-commerce companies on the data front. For this holiday season, we pushed out 3 web apps to show live data from the discounting madness that happened over the extended weekend. You can check out our apps here:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Dashboard Live Report:

This dashboard shows you trends across retailers. Which retailer is offering the most discounts? What’s the general pattern of discount across all retailers?


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Dashboard Live Report — Category View:

This dashboard shows you the top discounted items in each category we defined.



Input the product URL, and we’ll send you a screenshot of the product if the price drops to inform you to make the purchase, quick!


The data you see on all three web apps are live and happening in real-time.

Across the board, we’ve consolidated the results and we’d like to present some of the interesting results we’ve collected over the weekend as a capstone to the chaotic Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping craze.

Total Average Discount for E-tailers: 22–28%

Merchant With Most Number Of Products On Discount: Home Depot (8,194 items)

Average Discount Given By Major E-tailers: 42.158%

Most Discounted Category: Toys & Games (16,300+ items on discount)

Highest Discounted Category (in $ value): Jewelry & Watches (-$496.6 on average)

Most Enthusiastic Merchant: Kmart, with $6 coffee makers and $9 grills.

Still looking out for items to buy? There are merchant still offering products at steep discounts even though Black Friday is over.

Find different products from different categories still on discount we’ve found for you here:
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