A look at best selling categories and brands in the US from a basket of “high priority” goods

Amazon recently announced that it would focus on “delivering items that are a higher priority [for] customers”, at the cost of less essential items, some of which are seeing delays of as much as a month.

This got us wondering - what are these “priority” items? How has demand for these products changed in the days and weeks since the world has been going into lockdown? And which brands have been at the forefront of this evolving demand?

While there isn’t a black and white definition of which goods are considered essential, according to one Reuters news source, “Amazon considers baby products; health and household items; beauty and personal care; groceries; and industrial, scientific, and pet supplies as essential products.” We used this as a starting point in an endeavor to dig up answers to our questions. Here’s what we found ...

Batteries, vitamins and dishwashing liquid are among the most sought after household products

Approximately a quarter of the best selling household products are AmazonBasics branded

Coffee, snacks and chips make up nearly half the grocery demand amongst best sellers

A range of CPG brands hold sway in the grocery segment

Face, body and hand washes and soaps are the most in-demand personal care products, and understandably so

Just as with groceries, a range of players compete for market share in the Beauty & Personal Care category

Huggies vs Pampers vs Amazon Elements is the name of the game

Surprise, surprise! Toilet paper, gloves and hand wash are right up there when it comes to Industrial/Scientific goods.

The segment is dominated, in general, but a host of lesser known / generic brands

Keeping the odor at bay - as important as feeding the pet!

No surprise seeing AmazonBasics bringing its A-game with Pet Supplies