Get a live pulse of e-commerce and track retailer discounts in real-time

You may have heard of many e-commerce retailers’ pricing games, often changing prices hourly in a bid to get customers to buy now. E-commerce retail can get as volatile as a stock market.

That really got us thinking.

Today, we operate the world’s largest database of e-commerce products — which is a veritable pulse on the state of e-commerce.

Why not treat it like a stock market?

Enter the Semantics3 BlackFriday Index

The Index taps into the most popular categories of products sold during Black Friday — products like toys, electronics, home appliances and gifts. The Index tracks a basket of goods in near real-time, that we’ve chosen to represent the vast variety of products sold by retailers over the Thanksgiving weekend.

This Index is composed of the weighted-price average of dollar discounts offered by retailers on their products. Products that are discounted more heavily, will have a bigger impact on the Index.

Price-weighted indices are common in stock markets. A popular price-weighted stock market index is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It includes a price-weighted average of 30 actively traded blue chip stocks.

We love Thanksgiving, the perfect time for families to get together and bond over a home-cooked family meal. Don’t spend all weekend trying to find the best deal and timing your purchases.

Just check the Index for discount trends, and buy at the right time!

Plus, this is a great reference tool for all of our customers, retailers and e-comerce entrerpreneurs — Now you don’t have to second guess retailers’ pricing trends: Just use the Semantics3 Index as a general guide for pricing your store products.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Semantics3!!

Check out the Semantics3 BlackFriday Index here

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