As the company’s 2048-MVP* with both the highest single 2048-game score and the most number of 2048s, I am extremely happy to announce our latest and greatest product, a culmination of almost 25920 man-seconds of hard work, sweat and determination — the 2048-as-a-service.

Introducing the 2048-as-a-service

The 2048-as-a-service allows you to build complex 2048-based apps. It also has a game mode that allows to you play this mind-expanding game on any terminal console.

This service is live today and can be accessed on any device that supports the HTTP protocol.

To play the game on your terminal, just type:

curl -L

[For a complete gameplay example and sample output, click here.]

For a full-fledged 2048 game right at your console, paste this sweet perl one-liner on your terminal and hit enter (should run fine on any mac or linux machine):

perl -e 'my $host = "";my $cmd = "curl --silent -L $host"."start";my $output = `$cmd`;my $session_id = $output;$session_id=~s/.*?ID:\s(\w+).*/$1/si;my %keyMap = ( 'w' => 0, 'd' => 1, 's' => 2, 'a' => 3);print STDERR $output,"\n";while(1) { print STDERR "Input (w - up, a - left, d - right, s - down):\n"; my $userInput =<stdin> ; chomp ($userInput); if(defined($keyMap{$userInput})) { $userInput = $keyMap{$userInput}; } else { print STDERR "Invalid move.. w - up, a - left, d - right, s - down\n"; next; } my $cmd = "curl --silent $host"."state/$session_id/move/$userInput"; my $output = `$cmd`; print STDERR "\n$output\n"; if($output=~/Message:/si) { exit(0); }}'

Gist on GitHub)

To demonstrate the advanced features of our 2048-as-a-service we have also built a complex, front-end app called the 2048 — Startup Growth Edition (MVP).

Here are some screenshots, showcasing the power of 2048-as-a-service:

rap genius — 2048
you win

We believe in the power of the open source community and have open sourced all our 2048-as-a-service code at our GitHub page.

We will be announcing details on pricing, support, SLAs and partnership opportunities shortly.

Market Opportunity

There are two irrefutable facts in the world that any decent Hacker News reader would know — (1) software is eating the world and (2) 2048 is eating people’s productivity.

Using our complex predictive analytical models (a proprietary way of co-relating Hacker News points with Market Value), we discovered a big market opportunity, or more precisely a $10B opportunity in the 2048-related services market.

We noticed two fundamental problems with the currently existing 2048-related services market:

  1. The original game didn’t work on any of state-of-the-art text browsers such as lynx or w3m and more critically it didn’t work on IE 6, or IE 5 or IE 4 or IE 3 or IE 2 or IE 1. This was completely unacceptable to us. Basically the original 2048 game was fundamentally broken. I mean, how could Richard Stallman, play this game?!?! We really needed to fix this!
  2. There was no easy way for an average dev to build a 2048-inspired clone, eg: a Miley Cyrus twerking 2048 clone.

In short, this was a classic case of schlep blindness.

At Semantics3 we believe in two things — making things we personally want and making things people want. 2048-as-a-service started like the former, building a curl-able and hackable API that allowed us to experience this sweet game on a text console and later ended up as the latter, a platform as a service product that would allow anyone to build 2048-clones.

Vision Driven

Like most great startups, we are vision driven. That’s what keep us moving and motivated and inspired.

Just like our vision for our Product API is to organize the World’s ECommerce Information, our vision for 2048-as-a-service is to be the canvas in which all 2048-clone developers realize their visions. In short we strive to be to 2048 what Heroku is to PaaS-es (without the routing problems) or what Popcorn Time Netflix is to video streaming. A product you love and believe in.

A Revolution in API Design

let’s build things

Software is eating the world, and APIs are at the forefront.

When we sat down to build 2048-as-a-service, we didn’t want to create yet-another-API. We wanted to create a beautiful experience for both developers and machines, with the guiding vision that making an API call should be as delightful as ordering an ice-cold Corona.

To do that, we realized that we needed to fundamentally rethink everything.

So we sat down and asked ourselves what does it mean to make an API call, what feelings does it bring about.

To answer that, we started out with the basics. We began looking at the OSI 7-layer model, starting at the physical layer and kept progressing to the application layer, culminating with a review of the REST paradigm.

That’s we realized something shocking — the REST was broken.

When the REST was created in 2000, Marc Andreesen still had hair and it was not yet a software-eating-world. In this paradigm, human ⇔ machine interactions are treated very impersonally, almost machine-like.

All human ⇔ human interactions (atleast amongst Semantics3 engineers) always begin with a ‘hi’. We feel that the same should also apply to human ⇔ machine API interactions. That’s when he had a lightbulb moment.

The ZEST API Paradigm

Our attempt to fix REST is ZEST (our PR department wanted something that rhymed with REST. The ‘Z’ like most cool acronyms, stands for Zen.) We are introducing two fundamental concepts:

  1. All API routes should begin with a /hi (eg: curl <API_HOST>/hi/<Insert Whatever Functionality>)
  2. A new HTTP error code, 800 (which is 2048 in base 16), that returns a ‘Please say hi…’ message if your API query does not have a ‘/hi’ at the beginning.

The 2048-as-a-service was built with ZEST principles and can be treated as a canonical example on how to build ZEST services. Check out the source at our GitHub page.


The 2048-as-a-service features a revolutionary API design and tackles two fundamental problems in a $10B market.

Not only is it super easy to use, it’s also web-scale, like MongoDB.

Come, build your 2048-based vision on our platform and use it to raise $2,437,429 on Kickstarter. Later when you decide to sell it to Facebook for $2B, we will still be supporting your app, without asking for any equity. That’s the Semantics3 2048-as-a-service promise!


Email us at for pricing details, for SLA details, for partnership details, for tips on how to play 2048, for support details.

*I also hold the company record for the highest score on Flappy Bird.