Battle of Avay, one of the last battles of the Paraguayan War, Painting by Pedro Américo. 1879

The battle for ecommerce just got hotter

In the world of tech patents that shouldn’t have been issued, Amazon’s 1-click patent is king.

For twenty years, Amazon’s special button that allows customers to purchase an item with “just a single click” reigned supreme, allowing the then-tiny online bookseller to grab market share at the expense of its larger rivals.

Well, not anymore now.

Amazon’s 1-click patent expires this month, allowing any online retailer to create their version of the “1-click” functionality on their website.

The benefits can be huge — A recent survey by Shopify indicated that more than 21% of potential shoppers abandoned their cart as the checkout process was too cumbersome.

Following that logic, integrating 1-click into your checkout platform could potentially increase your revenue by up to 20%!

(And that’s not even counting the added boost from returning customers who are more likely to buy if their payment credentials are already on file — the much vaunted Second Purchase)

The real winners of this battle?

Payment gateways like TwoTap, and Klarna which can build this functionality into their payment and checkout modules.

If you’re an app developer trying to build the next big affiliate shopping application — try out our Affiliate Data Feeds API Solutions combined with TwoTap’s amazing payment gateway API solution!

1-Click helped make Amazon what it is today. Why not use it to build your own ecommerce behemoth?

Semantics3 offers Product APIs that play well with most checkout and payment gateway APIs.

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P.S: NPR’s Planet Money did a pretty good piece yesterday on 1-Click.

Listen to it here:

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