At Semantics3 Analytics, we work with thousands of Shopify stores to track their sales data.

More often than not, we chance upon interesting, innovative products that can be found in the e-commerce space. As the holiday season approaches, I’m sure some of you will be interested to know what cool products there are out there. We also think that looking at products that are interesting may help trigger your inspiration for your next blockbuster idea for an e-commerce store.

Here are some products we think are awesome. The products may or may not be using Semantics3 Analytics, but they’re cool nonetheless and we’d just like to share them with you.


These shoes are made almost entirely with merino wool, keeping your feet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. According to Allbirds’ website, you can even dump these shoes into the washing machine for a fuss-free wash. Apparently, you don’t even need to wear socks with these shoes!

Sock shoes. Shoe socks. Sock shoes shoe sock.


Shoelaces for lazy people. These elastic laces comes in all colors to make wearing your shoes fun and funky. These are perfect if you no longer want to deal with tying your shoelaces every single day.

If you’re that lazy…

Bushwick Kitchen

Spicy honey. Spicy maple syrup. Bushwick Kitchen has one of the weirdest combinations of food that we’ve seen till date but it does look really delicious!

Spicy what?

Ruffit USA

Don’t you wish you could take your work to dog some days? ;) Ruffit makes it easy for you to do so!

Never leave your dog at home again!


Sitpack folds up to a cylinder smaller than your typical water bottle. You never know when you’ll need a chair, so why not? We have one of these in the Semantics3 Analytics office and it’s surprisingly fun and comfortable to sit on!

Hmm. Still cool.


If you love watches and technology but don’t want an Apple Watch, this is the perfect watch for you. Even though it tells you just the time, it will probably serve you better than the Apple Watch (right?).

Each time piece is made by hand in France due to the small quantities being sold. It’s not that pricey either. Grab yours while the owner is still making them by hand and selling them!

Looks way too awesome

Lambda Spin Tops

If you have watched the movie Inception, you’ll know the importance of keeping a spin top in your pocket at all times.

This is another item we have in the Semantics3 Analytics office. We managed to keep it spinning for at least 10 minutes despite not trying to. It’s also ridiculous how well made these are.

Ridiculously spinny

Hockey Sauce Kit

Die-hard hockey fans would love this portable set of Hockey.

Bring hockey everywhere!

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne

Fulton and Roark literally has the coolest looking solid cologne packaging I’ve seen. If you fly frequently and cannot live without applying some fragrance on yourself periodically, solid colognes may help you get past security checks much easier.

Seems like Tybee scent is a popular choice among their fans.

Futuristic Looking Cologne


Bring your Sriracha with you wherever you go with this mini Sriracha bottle. Now, you never have to worry about not having a squeeze of Sriracha whenever you’re having that daily cup of coffee (I’m serious, people do squeeze Sriracha into their coffee.)

Portable Sriracha!
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