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You can build it, doesn’t mean they will want it.

  Ramanan Balakrishnan      September 19, 2017

Just ship it. Launch fast and iterate. Done is better than perfect.

Of ecommerce & false promises.

  Anjali Krishnan      September 12, 2017

We were promised transparency and variety. Neither is a given.

Amazon’s 1-click patent is about to expire

  Hari Viswanath      September 07, 2017

The battle for ecommerce just got hotter

Retail companies that are winning 2017

  Anjali Krishnan      August 30, 2017

How to thrive, not just survive.

5 Lessons I’ve Learned Tackling Product Matching for E-commerce

  Govind Chandrasekhar      August 23, 2017

Slides & video from my talk @ Fifth Elephant

Product Matching — A Visual Tribute

  Govind Chandrasekhar      July 27, 2017

Product matching is a challenging data-science problem that we’ve been battling for several years at Semantics3. The variety of concepts…

Looking beyond Amazon — Retail on the other side

  Anjali Krishnan      July 18, 2017

How Alibaba deploys machine learning and AI.

Saving the Earth with Ecommerce

  Anjali Krishnan      July 11, 2017

Recommerce is the new Ecommerce

The GIGO Principle in Machine Learning

  Govind Chandrasekhar      July 05, 2017

And its implications for PMs, designers, salespeople and data scientists

Retail Tech Weekly Roundup — June 29th

  Anjali Krishnan      June 29, 2017

Who’s raising money successfully.