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Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Performance Drives Pepsi’s Market Share To Surge Overnight

  Raj Bhandari      February 07, 2018

Attribution is a BIG deal. It’s the reason that digital advertising has always had a leg up on traditional media.

Here’s our top retail tech prediction for 2018

  Hari Viswanath      January 16, 2018

What do the shopping season, the 2018 Tax Bill, Artificial Intelligence and Omnichannel all have in common?

Did a Garmin watch really need to be price optimized 129 times in 30 days?

  Semantics3      January 03, 2018

How we built a dashboard tracking tens of thousands of products over the Black Friday 2017 season.

Why is Amazon hiding its ownership of private labels?

  Anjali Krishnan      December 18, 2017

Brands have power and Amazon desperately want to harness it. Here’s how they’re going about it.

Where are the REAL deals this Thanksgiving?

  Semantics3      November 21, 2017

Announcing the 2017 Holiday Sales Dashboard, by Semantics3 & Slickdeals. Get the bird’s eye view to the best deals.

The “Amazon Amendment” could hand the retailer an unfair advantage in government procurement

  Hari Viswanath      November 07, 2017

Section 801 of the National Defense Authorization Act is a sweetheart deal for Amazon and is unfair to the retail industry

Powering your ecommerce pricing strategy

  Arpit Agarwal      October 31, 2017

Let’s say you sell Glow Pets Pillow Sets on your ecommerce store.

Amazon is big. Omnichannel Amazon will be an even bigger, all-consuming giant.

  Anjali Krishnan      October 24, 2017

Amazon in 2017, is like Morgoth back in the day before Sauron turned up. A better, badder version of what might come next. Its laser sharp…

You can build it, doesn’t mean they will want it.

  Ramanan Balakrishnan      September 19, 2017

Just ship it. Launch fast and iterate. Done is better than perfect.

Of ecommerce & false promises — How product matching can deliver on long forgotten promises.

  Anjali Krishnan      September 12, 2017

We were promised transparency and variety. Neither is a given.