The Semantics3 Story

Our Mission

Semantics3 provides democratized access to the ecommerce data-science stack through a suite of data and AI solutions. Market leaders in the ecommerce world, with significant access to capital and AI talent, have been able to harness technology to gain significant competitive advantages. Through our offerings, we aim to help everybody else overcome these barriers and compete on a level playing field.

Our Story

First, there was data. We were born in 2011, just as the big data hype train was reaching our shores. All of our customer demand was around datasets to populate newly minted databases, and our focus was on building a firehose that would deliver this.

Before long though, it became apparent that the equation was missing an adjective. Customers needed useful big data - knowledge requires information and intelligence. And thus began our journey with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Data + AI combination helped us build good products. But again, our customers pushed us to go a step further. They didn't just want powerful products, they wanted solutions catered to their specific business problems. Turns out there's an age-old tool for just this problem - human insights. As we made the shift from SaaS to the enterprise, we learned to build tools that contextually seek human inputs to guide and give context to our artificial intelligence.

Our Philosophy

Data + AI + Human Insight. We believe that the most potent solutions are those that can find the right balance between these three forces. Our products are a reflection of this troika.

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